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Bonus Releases were stories released by Big Finish Productions often specially to subscribers.

The range ceased to exist following the redesign of Big Finish's website in 2019. The stories were moved to other ranges: The Fourth Doctor Adventures, The Fifth Doctor Adventures, The Sixth Doctor Adventures, The Seventh Doctor Adventures, The Eighth Doctor Adventures and Classic Series - Special Releases.


# Title Author Doctor Featuring Released Corresponding release
33½ The Maltese Penguin Robert Shearman 6th Frobisher 12 July 2002 Neverland
I Real Time Gary Russell Evelyn 12 December 2002 N/A
II Shada Douglas Adams, adapted by Gary Russell 8th Romana II, K9 Mark II 21 November 2003
III Her Final Flight Julian Shortman 6th Peri December 2004 The Next Life
IV Cryptobiosis Elliot Thorpe December 2005 Other Lives
V Return of the Daleks Nicholas Briggs 7th Daleks December 2006 Year of the Pig
VI Return to the Web Planet Daniel O'Mahony 5th Nyssa December 2007 The Girl Who Never Was
VII Return of the Krotons Nicholas Briggs 6th Charley December 2008 The Raincloud Man
VIII An Earthly Child Marc Platt 8th Susan, Alex 30 December 2009 Plague of the Daleks
IX The Four Doctors Peter Anghelides 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th Daleks 15 December 2010 The Demons of Red Lodge and Other Stories
X The Five Companions Eddie Robson 5th Nyssa, Ian, Steven, Sara, Polly, Daleks, Sontarans December 2011 Army of Death
XI Night of the Stormcrow Marc Platt 4th Leela 12 December 2012 1001 Nights
XII Trial of the Valeyard Alan Barnes & Mike Maddox 6th The Valeyard 17 December 2013 Afterlife


# Title Recorded on Recorded at
33½ The Maltese Penguin 2 November 2001 The Moat Studios, London
I Real Time 19 March 2002
II Shada 12, 13 and 14 November 2002
III Her Final Flight 16 September 2004
IV Cryptobiosis 19 August 2005
V Return of the Daleks 20 September 2006
VI Return to the Web Planet 22 August 2007
VII Return of the Krotons 20 June 2008
VIII An Earthly Child TBC
IX The Four Doctors 6 September 2010
X The Five Companions TBC
XI Night of the Stormcrow 9 May 2012 Audio Sorcery, Tunbridge Wells
XII Trial of the Valeyard 15 and 20 May 2013 The Moat Studios, London

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