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Body and Soulless was the first story in the audio anthology Missy and the Monk, produced by Big Finish Productions. It was written by James Goss and featured Michelle Gomez as Missy and Rufus Hound as the Monk.

Publisher's summary[]

Stuck with a co-pilot, Missy has taken extreme measures. After all, she only needs the Monk’s brain to fly his TARDIS. But when Missy and the bodiless Monk end up on different sides of a planetary war, they may need one another to survive...


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  • Time Lord brains are usually surrounded by amniotic fluid, much like humans. The Monk exclaims extreme concern that his brain being dumped and carried in Missy's carpet bag would result in him losing vital amounts of amniotic fluid.


  • This story further investigates the benevolence of Missy. In the television series, Missy's character development concluded when she entered her 'questioning' phase during Series 10. The character of the Twelfth Doctor was highly instrumental in rehabilitating Missy, including her seemingly mourning her victims in The Eaters of Light, and rescuing the stranded TARDIS team in Empress of Mars. Here, in her Big Finish series, which is set before all television appearances, this is touched upon numerous times. This includes her numerous meetings (and parental role) towards Lucy and Oliver Davis, her general attitude towards River Song in The Bekdel Test (despite not being strictly in the Missy series), culminating in the Lumiat. The Lumiat is her next incarnation who is apparently all benevolent, much to the confusion of Missy.
  • Missy gives the Monk the alias of Borac when he was posed as a battle computer, this is a reference to the supercomputer Orac from Blake's 7


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