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Bob was a Cleric, and a member of Father Octavian's mission to track down a surviving Weeping Angel on the Byzantium when it crashed in the 51st century. Like all of Octavian's clerics, he was given a Sacred Name in the service of the church.

Biography Edit

During the expedition in the crash site inside the "Maze of the Dead", he was scolded for showing fear and wasting ammunition on a seemingly harmless statue. The Eleventh Doctor, however, encouraged him and told him that his fear would keep him alive. Bob was killed by a Weeping Angel which lured him in by using the voices of the other clergy and then snapping his neck. The Doctor could still communicate with Bob through Octavian's communication device. He explained that the Angel lacked a voice. It had callously stripped Bob of his cerebral cortex and copied his consciousness to use him as a mouthpiece to talk to the Doctor. Bob's consciousness confirmed that, while painful, at least his death "was quick and didn't hurt as much as he thought it would."

Bob's consciousness confirmed the Doctor's suspicion that the crash of the Byzantium was a rescue mission on the Angel's part. While its brethren were still feeding on the ship's temporal core to heal, it was coming for the Doctor and the others and it would enjoy killing them.

The Angel tried to anger the Doctor by having Bob's consciousness tell him that his words of encouragement failed the soldier: he had died alone and in fear. The Doctor expressed sincere regret for Bob's death, and promised what remained of him that he would make the Angels even more sorry for what they had done. (TV: The Time of Angels)

Bob, on the Angels' behalf, told the Doctor about their plans to use the ship's power to form an army and take over other worlds. When the Doctor was trapped in the control room of the Byzantium, Bob asked the Doctor what he was doing. The Doctor amused himself by making the Angel say "comfy chairs". When Bob told the Doctor the Angels were making Amy count down just for fun, the Doctor threw away the communication device in anger.

When the Byzantium's power had almost been completely drained, "Angel Bob" came face to face with the Doctor. He told him to jump into the rift which had emerged from the crack in the control room to save the Angels and his friends. However, as the last of the ship's power was drained, the gravity shield failed and the Angels fell into rift. Whatever was left of Bob's remains disappeared forever along with them. (TV: Flesh and Stone)

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