Boaz was a guerrilla fighter and part of the human resistance opposing the Daleks from an alternate 22nd century Earth.

He was part of the group led by Anat that travelled back to the 20th century to kill Sir Reginald Styles. At first he refused to believe that the Third Doctor was not Sir Reginald Styles and wanted to kill him instantly, but was prevented from doing so by Anat, an action that put him at odds with her for the rest of the mission.

When the Doctor travelled with them to the future, Boaz refused to help him find Jo and left him to fend for himself. He did, however, participate in a rescue operation to get the Doctor away from the Controller's compound once they realised his importance, an action which cost him his life. He protected Anat from a Dalek by lunging in front of it and placing a detonator against its casing, which activated immediately. Unfortunately, he could not get away from the explosion in time after falling to the ground, and died. (TV: Day of the Daleks)

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