AthenodoraKitten wrote: would you mind disclosing for us the identities of all of the “three admins” involved in the original decision to exclude the 10,000 Dawns crossovers⁠—you know, for the records?

I agree with you. It has been a great disservice to the wiki that the other two admin failed to take the responsibility for their decision. Now that SOTO decided to join this debate, I asked them to finally do that. They kept the community in the dark for 4 months despite everyone's pleas (including my private pleas). They seem to believe that although they did agree to delete the stories originally and even poked light-hearted fun at the reaction of several editors who objected to the deletion, they bear no responsibility for their decision. They continue arguing for various outcomes privately, instead of arguing their position here publicly.

I, on the other hand, believe that they owe an explanation to the community on why they went along with the original decision (which they apparently regret), why they kept silent for so long, and why now, all of a sudden, they decided that they are completely impartial, even threatening me to close this debate in favour of validity. Shouldn't they explain their reasoning to the community and let a truly impartial admin make the decision?

Incidentally, in our discussions, An Eloquence of Time and Space was discussed. SOTO's position then was that it has no place here on the wiki. Clearly, the OP disagrees, and I explained above why it is important to clarify that point. Thus, I would be interested if this is another decision/statement that SOTO does not stand by.

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