The Blue Soldiers were the artificial creations of Arkive designed to kill humans.

Appearance Edit

The Blue Soldiers were based off Dr Sinbad Omar and resembled him. They were tall, muscular humanoids, with blue skin and simplistic faces. Their hands were bladed and they could tear through humans with their bare hands. They had no real organs, only spongy, undifferentiated tissue and microscopic circuitry. This meant they couldn't be killed with physical force, but could be destroyed with electromagnetic weapons. (PROSE: The Wheel of Ice)

History Edit

The Arkive originally used the Blue Dolls for labour, but when it felt threatened it created the Blue Soldiers to kill the humans. They were produced in mass quantities and sent out from Mnemosyne to kill the humans on the moon. Once the moon was cleared, the Blue Soldiers were deactivated again. Eventually, the Doctor was able to make peace with Arkive. The Blue Soldiers were already showing signs of age and the Doctor believed they would deactivate permanently soon. (PROSE: The Wheel of Ice)

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