The Blue Planet was a planet that was visually similar to Earth apart from the fact that everything was blue including animals.

Viewed from space, the centre of the planet seemed to be bright white with in colour which turned into a dark blue around the edges. On the surface, blue trees, bushes and daisies flourished on very flat ground with there also being areas where only small rocks were present, with no plant life visible at all, similar to a desert. Another entirely blue celestial body could be seen from the surface which was either a sun or a moon to the planet. The planet had clouds that were white not blue.

The intelligent natives of the planet were blue humanoids and were all psychically identical to each other with silver-blue hair reaching just above the eyeline, small round noses and two round eyes of equal size. They all wore the same blue outfit which included boots which matched the shade of their faces. Blue dogs, birds, and earthworms also existed on the planet roaming freely with there even being a counterpart of a specific individual - Walter the Worm. In comparison the blue version was slightly longer than its Earth double. (PROSE: Dr. Sixth)

History[edit | edit source]

At some point, the Rani landed her TARDIS on the planet in the form of a pyramid and hypnotised the locals, taking control of their minds. She then set about building a clock that would twist time itself. Rather than a key, she used a corkscrew to wind up the Time Continuum.

The Sixth Doctor and Peri Brown discovered the distortion and unable to pilot the TARDIS through twisted time landed the TARDIS on the nearest planet which was the Blue Planet. Exploring briefly the Doctor and Peri soon found the hypnotised locals and discovered that the Rani behind it. Using his anger to free the locals from their trance the Rani realised her plans had failed and fled the scene. The Doctor then fixed the twists by removing the corkscrew from the Time Continuum and rewinding it with the correct key.

Leaving the planet, the Doctor asked the locals to capture the Rani's TARDIS so she could not escape in it. He later observed it being carried away and the Rani chasing after it. (PROSE: Dr. Sixth)

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