Blue Moonbeams was, according to a man Jessica Willamy once met, " a batch of bad acid" that had spread like wildfire over the Haight in January 1967. The name derived in part from the fact that the tab had a blue crescent moon on it. He went on to claim, "A lot of kids dropped Blue Moonbeams and disappeared."

Jessica, who had been looking for her missing boyfriend, Denny Glass, immediately began to think that somehow he had gotten mixed up with the drug.

Jack Stimson of the San Francisco Oracle was undertaking an investigation of the drug at the time Jess was panicking, so he told her what he had heard: "Kids would drop a tab. Not long after they'd fade away, like, vanish, gone, man." But Stimson didn't really believe the hype. He thought it was far more likely to be "a big batch of contaminated acid dumped on the Haight for quick, hard cash". He thought the "vanishments" could really be chalked up to psychosis-induced suicides or people preying on the weak.

As it turned out, Blue Moonbeams were made by The Combine — a group of secretive people at the summit of American society, higher-placed even that the government itself. Far from being harmed by Blue Moonbeams, Denny turned out to be working for The Combine, and was on a mission in the Haight to destroy the Goblin's "good" LSD in order to create demand for the bad, Blue Moonbeams. Thus, more and more members of the counterculture movement would fall to effects of the Blue Moonbeams. (PROSE: Wonderland)

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