The Blue Kangs were one of the three Kang factions living in Paradise Towers. As with all Kangs, every member was a young woman with hair and clothing coloured after their faction.

History Edit

The Blue Kangs, as with all the Kangs, were shipped to Paradise Towers after the outbreak of war. They took a brainquarters which they operated from when competing against the other Kang groups.

Melanie Bush watched the Blue Kangs perform a dancing ceremony, which terrified her. The Blue Kangs then began following her and Pex and eventually confronted them. Mel asked Drinking Fountain about Pex and she explained that he was a "scaredy-cat" who had avoided fighting the war. They then allowed Mel to leave, but carried on taunting Pex.

Sometime later, they broke into the Red Kang brainquarters, claiming to have won the game. However, the Seventh Doctor convinced them to join together to defeat Kroagnon. Drinking Fountain went with the Doctor, Bin Liner and Fire Escape to the basement. There she witnessed Kroagnon using corpoelectroscopy to take over the Chief Caretaker's body. The Doctor was attacked by a cleaner but the Kangs pulled him free and fled to Floor 304.

There they allied themselves with the Rezzies, Caretakers and Pex. The Kangs and Rezzies worked together to destroy a number of cleaners and the prepared traps for Kroagnon. However, he arrived before they were ready and Pex sacrificed himself to kill Kroagnon. In honour of him, the Kangs held a ceremony and as a parting gift, presented the Doctor with a red and blue scarf, making him an honorary Kang. (TV: Paradise Towers)

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