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[[Humanoid Dalek]]s, ([[COMIC]]: ''[[Genesis of Evil]]'') [[Vogan (The Vogan Slaves)|Vogans]], ([[COMIC]]: ''[[The Vogan Slaves]]'')
[[Humanoid Dalek]]s, ([[COMIC]]: ''[[Genesis of Evil]]'') [[Vogan (The Vogan Slaves)|Vogans]], ([[COMIC]]: ''[[The Vogan Slaves]]'')
[[Monstron]]s ([[COMIC]]: ''[[The Menace of the Monstrons]]'') and [[Zerovian]]s ([[COMIC]]: ''[[Impasse]]'') had blue [[skin]].
[[Monstron]]s ([[COMIC]]: ''[[The Menace of the Monstrons]]'') [[Crespallion (species)|Crespallions]] ([[TV]]: ''[[The End of the World (TV story)|The End of the World]]'' ) and [[Zerovian]]s ([[COMIC]]: ''[[Impasse]]'') had blue [[skin]]. [[Dahh-Ren]] was also blue. ([[TV]]: ''[[Oxygen (TV story)|Oxygen]]'')
[[Category:Colours from the real world]]
[[Category:Colours from the real world]]

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Blue was the official colour of mourning on Necros. (TV: Revelation of the Daleks)

It was also associated with the Doctor's TARDIS, as it was the colour of the police box disguise of the TARDIS. When the Eleventh Doctor sent a blue envelope to Amy Pond and Rory Williams, Amy knew he was the one who sent it, recognising the colour as "TARDIS blue". (TV: The Impossible Astronaut)

Metebelis III was the famous blue planet of the Acteon Galaxy. (TV: Carnival of Monsters, The Green Death)

The sun briefly turned blue when the Slitheen began draining its power. (TV: Revenge of the Slitheen)

Blue Daleks and Strategist Daleks were identified by their blue casings. (PROSE: War of the Daleks, TV: Victory of the Daleks)

Humanoid Daleks, (COMIC: Genesis of Evil) Vogans, (COMIC: The Vogan Slaves) Monstrons (COMIC: The Menace of the Monstrons) Crespallions (TV: The End of the World ) and Zerovians (COMIC: Impasse) had blue skin. Dahh-Ren was also blue. (TV: Oxygen)

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