Bloodaxe was a member of Irongron's group of robber barons.

In the 13th century, (TV: The Sontaran Experiment) he served as Irongron's second-in-command, and accompanied him when he went to investigate a crashed Sontaran scout ship. He originally thought Linx was a devil from Hell, and later, a Saracen. When Irongron agreed to help Linx, Bloodaxe brought the prisoner Eric to Linx to hypnotise Eric into speaking about Sir Edward of Wessex's plan to attack Irongron's castle. He nearly executed Hal, but Irongron instead offered Hal his freedom if he fought and beat the Robot Knight devised by Linx. Hal got away when the Third Doctor shot the robot's controls out of Irongron's hands with a crossbow. Irongron asked Bloodaxe to give Linx's rifles to the men in preparation for their attack on Sir Edward's castle the following morning. The attack was repelled by the Doctor. When the launch of Linx's spaceship, Hal warned Bloodaxe to flee the castle before it was destroyed. It remains unclear whether Bloodaxe or the rest of Irongron's men survived the explosion. (TV: The Time Warrior)

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