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* [[Magda (Blood Harvest)|Magda]]
* [[Magda (Blood Harvest)|Magda]]
* [[Fourth Doctor]]
* [[Fourth Doctor]]
* [[K9|K9 Mark II]]
* [[K9 Mark II|K9]]
== References ==
== References ==

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Blood Harvest was the twenty-eighth New Adventures novel. It featured the Seventh Doctor, Ace, Bernice Summerfield and Romana II. It also featured a return of several characters and the planet seen in the 1980 television story State of Decay.

Events in this novel lead to PROSE: Goth Opera, in order to draw attention to the newly-launched Virgin Missing Adventures line of original novels featuring past Doctors.

Publisher's summary

"Doc's peddling bootleg liquor in an illegal speakeasy. You’re carrying a gun for him, Ace - which makes you no better than any other gun-moll."

Dekker is a private eye; an honest one. But when Al Capone hires him to investigate a new joint called ‘Doc’s’, he knows this is one job he can’t refuse. And just why are the Doctor and Ace selling illegal booze in a town full of murderous gangsters?

Meanwhile, Bernice has been abandoned on a vampire-infested planet outside normal space. There she meets a mysterious stranger called Romanadvoratrelundar -- and discovers an ancient and malevolent power, linking 1929 Chicago with a lair of immortal evil.

The consequences of this story are inextricably linked to events in the Doctor’s past.


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The Doctor

  • The Doctor can play the piano.

Foods and beverages


  • Mobsters call Ace the lady in black.
  • Ace sleeps with Dekker.
  • Bernice can sing the blues.
  • Events on the planet of the vampires in E-Space don't faze Tom Dekker, but the Doctor still erases bits of his memory.
  • Borusa is freed from imprisonment.




  • Bernice sets up a government based on the British system on the planet of the vampires.


Time Lords


  • A prelude to this novel was published in DWM 214.
  • The illustration for the cover details a corridor taken from the movie Alien as reference.
  • Although the St. Valentine's Day Massacre does indeed take place in 1929 as described in the novel's publisher description, in real life other events in the novel (the shooting at the Hawthorne Hotel and the death of Hymie Weiss) took place in autumn 1926.


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