The Bledoe Cadets were a group set up by Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart's brother, James, and his friends for meetings. Alistair was not allowed to join because he was considered too young. (PROSEThe Forgotten Son

The Cadets was formed in the summer of 1936. The Cadets initially consisted of James Lethbridge-Stewart, Henry Barns, Raymond Phillips, Edwin Stone, Terry and Nobby. They used a barn at Puckator Farm as their gang hut. The gang grows in number over the next year (including Jason Starling). But despite his best efforts, Alistair is refused admission. (PROSE: Cowpats and Comfort

In July 1937, although only nine, Jemima Fleming was allowed to join the Cadets because Henry fancied her, but she fancied James. Henry was held captive by the Bald Men in the Pengriffen fogou. Alistair helped save him, and for the first time Henry was nice to Alistair, but he was still not allowed to be a Cadet. (PROSE: The Bledoe Cadets and the Bald Man of Pengriffen)

 In September, James, Henry and Raymond attended Liskeard Grammar, and for the first time James was in a separate class to them. James, Raymond and Alistair encountered the Hollow Man in Draynes Wood, and the Great Intelligence became trapped in James. Henry witnessed it, but James ordered nobody to talk about it. In October, James became distant, talking more and more to his imaginary friend. By December, Mary’s concern continues for her son. James calls his imaginary friend Maha. Alistair was allowed to join the Cadets by Raymond, who missed the ever-absent James.

In March, 1938, a week before his twelfth birthday, James, began acting out, and was driven by ‘Maha’ to commit suicide by throwing himself off Golitha Falls. In a moment of lucidity, he apologised to Raymond and Alistair, before jumping. Alistair reached the body first, but it was too late. (PROSE: The Forgotten Son)

The Bledoe Cadets continued for many years following this, but eventually fell apart as the children grew into young adults, some of them (like Alistair) leaving Bledoe. (PROSE: In His Kiss, The Forgotten Son)

Jemima and Henry began dating, and eventually married and had children of their own. Ray become a writer and a recluse in the village. It wasn't until Alistair returned in 1969 that the gang was finally reunited to combat the Great Intelligence and the Yeti. (PROSE: The Forgotten Son)

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