The Blaska were natives of the planet Flydon Maxima. The Blaska, first named by Theodore Blaska, were primarily an ocean dwelling species, with a large bulbous body and many tentacles. The tentacles (some as wide as a man's body), had a mottled brown topside and a heavily suckered underside. Their eggs were rock-like and varied in colour and size.

These creatures, although powerful, strong and quick, were passive towards the Flydon Maxima Research Base. This changed when their eggs were unknowingly collected by the research crew of the base during an exploratory visit to a cave, with a view to selling the unusual 'rocks' to raise funds for the continuation of their work. The Blaska then attacked the research base. Once the crew found out that the rocks were actually Blaska eggs, they were returned unharmed to the Blaska, who ceased their hostile actions against the base. (PROSE: The Depths of Despair)

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