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Blackpool Tower

The Blackpool Tower was a wrought iron structure (PROSE: All the Empty Towers) and visitor attraction in the town of Blackpool, England. (AUDIO: The Nightmare Fair)

The tower complex included both a ballroom and a circus. The tower ballroom had a sprung wooden dance floor, gilded balconies and a famous Wurlitzer organ. (PROSE: All the Empty Towers)


During the latter half of the 20th century, the Third Doctor magnetised the tower to stop a swarm of metal-eating insects. Another account implied that these events happened to the Fourth Doctor. (COMIC: The Metal-Eaters)

The Sixth Doctor and Peri Brown visited Blackpool Tower in 1986 to look at the views over Blackpool and beyond. The Doctor praised the architecture. Peri, on the other hand, called it a "rusty old tower". (AUDIO: The Nightmare Fair)

As a child, Clara Oswald's nan took her to the Blackpool Tower circus. (PROSE: All the Empty Towers)

The timey-wimey detector was made up of items including a Blackpool postcard, prominently featuring Blackpool Tower. (TV: Blink)

By 2089, the tower was slightly tilted. It had oxidised and great vines twisted their way theorugh the holes in its structure. The Twelfth Doctor and Clara Oswald noticed four small pods hovering and drawing power from the tower. The Doctor and Clara climbed the lift shaft to the viewing platform, where they found the controls and shut down both the pods and a robotic landlady by whom they had previously been terrorised. (PROSE: All the Empty Towers)

Bernice Summerfield falsely said that Blackpool Tower had been destroyed in the late 20th century to test Ace's claim that she was from that time. (PROSE: Love and War)

The Sixth Doctor once claimed that a replica of the Blackpool Tower was being built on the rim of the Crab Nebula. (PROSE: The Nightmare Fair; AUDIO: The Nightmare Fair)

Father Christmas claimed that he used to tie Dasher and the other reindeer to the top of the tower when he visited Blackpool. (AUDIO: Death in Blackpool)