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You may be looking for Blacklight Marches.

Blacklight was a Doctor Who reference book published by Doctor Who Books.

Subject matter Edit

The Doctor Who work of artist and illustrator Andrew Skilleter.

Publisher's summary Edit

Andrew Skilleter's Doctor Who work spans more than fifteen years. This is a collection of the finest of his paintings, including both the best known images and some works never previously reproduced, with explanatory text by the artist.

Inside sleeve Edit

Andrew Skilleter is one of the brightest talents working in the field of commercial illustration.

His association with Doctor Who began in 1979, when he was commissioned to paint an illustration for the cover of the Target range of Doctor Who television story novelisations. Since then he has provided artwork for Doctor Who posters, Doctor Who calendars, even the sides of a Doctor Who travelling exhibition truck – and of course many Doctor Who books of all sorts.

This volume, written by the author himself, chronicles the Doctor who career of Andrew Skilleter and is packed with beautiful printed reproductions of his work.

Contents Edit

  • Introduction
  • ONE: The Man From Nowhere
  • TWO: Time and Time Again
  • THREE: Next Stop Piccadilly
  • FOUR: Who Dares Wins?
  • FIVE: Pictures at an Exhibition
  • SIX: Out of Time
  • SEVEN: Cyber Techniques
  • EIGHT: Virgin territory

Notable features Edit

Notes Edit

  • There is no listing of all of Andrew Skilleter's artwork.
  • Layout and typesetting was by Mark Stammers Design

Publication history Edit

  • Not released in paperback, the hardback was priced £17.99 (UK).
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