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Black hole

Black holes were regions in space created when the remains of a dense star of normal matter collapsed far enough to drill a hole through the fabric of space, (PROSE: Sanctuary) creating a singularity. Their incredible density resulted in a strong gravitational pull.


The gravity of a black hole was so great that nothing, not even light or time, could escape its pull. They could act in two ways: some holes did, as sometimes speculated, lead to other universes and served as portals; other holes just ate and ate and ripped up star systems and anything else. (TV: The Impossible Planet) Black holes could also serve as a gateway into hyperspace. (TV: The Horns of Nimon)

One belief stated that anything consumed in a black hole, theoretically, still existed, saved as compressed information in the event horizon. (AUDIO: 1963: The Space Race)

Black holes were caused when stars collapsed. There were several types of black holes. The biggest were called super massive black holes. Those black holes could be found at the heart of every galaxy. They had a mass about 7 billion times that of the Sun. (WC: Alien File: Eve)

Time moved more slowly for objects nearer to a black hole than for objects farther away from a black hole. (TV: World Enough and Time)

Light could not escape the Schwarzschild radius of a black hole. (PROSE: The Book of the War)

Black holes and Time Lords[]

The Tenth Doctor said to Rose Tyler that his people, the Time Lords, "practically invented black holes. Well, in fact, they did." (TV: The Satan Pit)

Omega and Rassilon destroyed the star Qqaba (COMIC: Star Death) to produce an energy source powerful enough to enable time travel. Omega, thought dead, survived his journey through this black hole, although he was trapped within it. He was able to shape matter within it at his will. (TV: The Three Doctors, Arc of Infinity) Rassilon brought back either a black hole or its singularity to become the Eye of Harmony. (TV: The Deadly Assassin) In their ancient history, the Time Lords used a type of ship known as a Black Hole Carrier. (PROSE: A Brief History of Time Lords)

When two versions of the Doctor's TARDIS collided, the Tenth Doctor combined a black hole and a supernova to stop a black hole from being created, after witnessing it in his fifth incarnation. (TV: Time Crash)

The Doctor's TARDIS had the power to both resist the pull of a black hole and to tug the Walker Expedition's rocket out of the black hole's gravitational field. (TV: The Satan Pit) However it seemed to take some technique to pilot a TARDIS away from a black hole, as 'going too fast' would not only fail to escape it, but also cause the dematerialisation circuit to burn out. (TV: The Doctor Falls)

Effects on the universe[]

Before the universe began, the ancient Disciples of the Light fixed the planet Krop Tor in geostationary orbit around K37 Gem 5. The Tenth Doctor, before learning of this, regarded the planet's fixed orbit as scientifically impossible. (TV: The Impossible Planet) Both the black hole and the planet served as a prison in which to confine the Beast. (TV: The Satan Pit)

In 2986, the Black Hole of Tartarus presented a hazard to spacecraft. (TV: Terror of the Vervoids)

When a Mondasian colony ship fell into the range of a black hole, twenty of the ship's fifty member crew went down to the bottom of the ship to stabilise the engines. The time dilation caused by the black hole meant they were down there for several generations whilst the remainder of the crew only experienced two days. The colonists were forced to turn themselves into Cybermen to survive and eventually converted the rest, leaving only the alien Jorj at the time of the Twelfth Doctor’s arrival. (TV: World Enough and Time)

Artificial black holes[]

Artificial black holes could be created. In 2006 or later, an experiment in Switzerland created an artificial black hole, which K9 Mark IV spent about three years trying to stabilise in order to protect Earth. (TV: Invasion of the Bane, The Mad Woman in the Attic) In 2009, Ship converted the black hole into fuel, releasing K9 and saving the Earth. (TV: The Mad Woman in the Attic)

The Parablox website included instructions for building a black hole out of black bricks; amateur builders could use blue bricks past the Schwarzschild radius without anyone noticing. (PROSE: The Book of the War)

Black holes could also be used for transportation. The Nimons based most of their technology on artificial black holes, especially for long distance transportation. (TV: The Horns of Nimon)

During the Year That Never Was, the Saxon Master created a fleet of Toclafane rockets, each holding a black hole converter so that he could wage war on the rest of the universe and turn Earth into "New Gallifrey" under his control. The rockets faded away when time was reversed. (TV: Last of the Time Lords)

Some time before 2050 the Oroborus destroyed the planet Centauri by siphoning off its future, resulting in the planet being turned into a black hole. (TV: Oroborus)

Omega ordealed a plan to use the Hand of Omega, a stellar manipulator, to create a black hole to flee the anti-matter universe he was trapped in. That black hole threatened to destroy the entire universe. (AUDIO: Intervention Earth)

The body of Hydroflax contained a split quantum actualiser, thus its power source was a perpetually stabilised black hole. (TV: The Husbands of River Song)

Other references[]

An arch-criminal from the planet Nefrin, Brimo, sentenced to remain alive forever in an eternity capsule, found herself inside a black hole when Nefrin's sun collapsed upon itself. Much like Omega, she found herself in a mutable world shaped by her imagination and drained energy from the universe outside it. (COMIC: Doctor Who and the Time Witch)

Before his death, Eugene Jones planned on attending a lecture entitled "Black Holes and the Uncertainty Principle" at Aberystwyth University with his friend Gary. Having found a flyer for the lecture in Eugene's room, Gwen Cooper showed up there and spoke to Gary for questioning. (TV: Random Shoes)

There was a black hole in the Casta Pizellus galaxy. (PROSE: I Am a Dalek)

A black hole and a white hole nearly combined and destroyed the Earth. (TV: The Eclipse of the Korven)

Mother of Mine was jettisoned into the black hole of a collapsing galaxy, trapping her in its event horizon for, relative to her perception, eternity. (TV: The Family of Blood)

Whenever the Vigil teleported, they appeared from a tiny black hole. (TV: The Rings of Akhaten)

Millionaire Maxwell Curtis funded the Naryshkin Institute in hopes of finding a solution to his gradually turning into a black hole. (PROSE: Time Zero)