Black Sun Rising was a Doctor Who Magazine comic strip, first published in 1981.

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Delicate trade negotiations for uranium are taking place on Desrault with Lady Rema-Du of Gallifrey accompanied by her escorts Wardog, Cobweb, Millenium and Zeitgeist (the Special Executive), as well as the Order of the Black Sun and the Sontarans. Jealous of the relationship that develops between Lady Rema-Du and Lord Adamath (Black Sun representative for the Rigel sector), the Sontaran uses a psy-snare on Millenium which turns her into an assassin. Millenium attacks the Black Sun leader and accelerating the body of the latter into dust. Wardog kills Millenium, but as the Sontaran prepares to leave the other two sides as enemies, he hadn't anticipated Wardog's sudden appearance to return the psy-snare to him personally, uniting the Gallifreyans and the Order to fight the Sontarans together.

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Publication with page count and closing captions
  1. DWM 57 (4) End

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Reprinted by Marvel in The Daredevils issue 7.

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  1. Miles, Lawrence (25 July, 2012). 1979. Lawrence Miles' Doctor Who Thing. Retrieved on 9 August, 2012.
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