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Black Hole is a video game published on the BBC's Doctor Who website.


The TARDIS must escape the black hole by bouncing on asteroids and comets that are in its path and avoiding space debris.


To advance the TARDIS, you have to click the left mouse button and move it, move its cursor.

Story notes[]

2008 promo image.

  • The asteroid allow a small jump in the TARDIS while comets provide a great fit. The points earned increases by 10 each time it bounces.
  • Whenever the TARDIS passes through the Rift, and more points and give extra energy, it activates a chance to go up if it falls.
  • Astronauts give bonus points and a small jump.
  • Space debris can give a little jump in the TARDIS, but removes the equivalent point of an asteroid and removes an energy crystal.
  • An image of the episode The Next Doctor is offered as a bonus from a certain score.
  • The game seems to have no end.

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