The Black Diamond of Earnfield (sometimes Haunted Black Diamond of Earnfield or The Dark Ghost), was a black diamond that was shown at an exhibit of the Natural History Museum in 2009. It was 82 carat. Originally it had been a part of a Persopolisian control console, which could be used to start a Persopolisian space ship.

Look[edit | edit source]

The diamond had a dark, gunmetal colour and had small alien markings on it.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

The black diamond could turn dead animals and things into live. Those animals and things lost their lives if the diamond wasn't around them. Furthermore, the diamond could take control of innocent minds. These people felt drawn to it and could not leave the diamond on his place. They felt the need to protect it.

History[edit | edit source]

In 1066 a Persopolisian space pod crashed on Earth. The three parts of the Persopolisian control console were divided and fell down at different areas of London.

The black diamond was found by humans. It was stolen in the mid 14th century from a temple. According to a legend a curse had passed down to anybody who has owned it.

Later it was shown as part of an exhibition at the Natural History Museum.

When Luke Smith was doing his work experience at the Natural History Museum he took the diamond, hid himself in a cupboard and refused to come out. When the security guards tried to reach Luke, Luke turned mummified and other animals to live. Then he got out of the room and went to the Lordwick scrapyard. There he got free of the control of the diamond. He threw it into a garbage compactor where it was destroyed. Mr Smith later made a dublicate of the diamond which Sarah Jane gave back to the Natural History Museum. (AUDIO: The Time Capsule)

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