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Bishop was an Adjudicator. His appearance was notable for how nondescript it was. His father was an abusive alcoholic. He graduated at the top of his class in college and was offered jobs at corporations but joined the Guild of Adjudicators instead. He was put through five years of rigorous training on Ponten VI, then made a squire to a more experienced Adjudicator.

During his career, his record was spotless. Among his investigations were the Kroagnon affair, the vraxoin raids of Azure, the Macra case, and the Vega debacle. He also had the highest death count in the Guild, being responsible for the deaths of fifteen drug dealers on Callisto, thirty-eight revolutionaries in Macedonia, and the entire population of Frinelli Minor.

He was sent to investigate the death of Paula Engado, who was part of Project Eden on Lucifer. More deaths occurred, and Bishop secretly teamed up with the Seventh Doctor to discover the murderer's identity. They discovered it was Piper O'Rourke, who was secretly working for IMC.

Before anything could be done, IMC arrived and told Bishop that the Guild of Adjudicators had been dissolved, Earth Central had declared bankruptcy, and the mineral rights to Lucifer had been given to IMC. Passage back to Earth was not included, and the Project members would have to pay to return.

Later, Legion decided to clear the base on Belial and ordered Bronwen ap Bryn to expel all “non-essential” personnel to the surface, which would kill them. While trying to prevent this, Legion burst through Bishop's chest, killing him. (PROSE: Lucifer Rising)

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