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A biscuit was a baked flour-based food often served with tea. (TV: The Invasion, The Last Precinct)

Box of Best biscuits. (TV: Liberation)

Types of biscuits[]

The Second Doctor once asked for a patty cake biscuit with his tea. (TV: The Invasion)

Kirsty McLaren offered a wheat biscuit to Polly Wright, who mistook it for a dog biscuit. (TV: The Highlanders)

Sailors often ate hardtack, which they did not like. (TV: Enlightenment)

The Best company sold biscuits. (TV: Liberation)

The Seventh Doctor's favourite biscuits were chocolate HobNobs. (PROSE: Cold Fusion) He had a biscuit recipe that had been given to him by Pliny the Elder. (PROSE: The Hunting of the Slook)

The Tenth Doctor claimed that custard cream biscuits and Garibaldi biscuits were "the best". (PROSE: Code of the Krillitanes)

The Eleventh Doctor hated ginger biscuits (PROSE: Dead of Winter) and Bourbon biscuits (PROSE: Chasing the Dawn) but was very fond of Jammie Dodger biscuits. (TV: Victory of the Daleks, The Bells of Saint John)

The Thirteenth Doctor's TARDIS control room contained a feature which dispensed custard cream biscuits. The Doctor discovered it when investigating her new TARDIS interior, and it was operated by a foot pedal. (TV: The Ghost Monument) However, like her eleventh incarnation, she disliked Bourbon biscuits. (PROSE: Chasing the Dawn)

Other references[]

Kady Williams liked store-bought biscuits. She said that this was because she was still "an Earthling" at heart, even after her years of travel as host of the Gestalt. (PROSE: Ring Theory)