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A birthday was the anniversary of someone's birth. Birthdays were celebrated by many cultures, with birthday presents, birthday cards, and birthday cake being received in birthday parties.

One's 88th birthday was a joyous year for the Japanese. (TV: Captain Jack Harkness)

According to River Song, the Doctor did not forget her birthday, but he would always remember "the same one", so that one year, she received 647 birthday cards from him, and got nothing in other years. (AUDIO: R&J)

Notable birthdays[]

Romana was given an air car for her seventieth birthday. (TV: The Pirate Planet)

Ace and the Seventh Doctor went to a birthday of Bonjaxx, where they met a future incarnation of the Doctor. (COMIC: Party Animals)

River Song was taken by the Doctor for her birthday to the last Winter Frost fair on the River Thames in 1814. Stevie Wonder unknowingly performed before being taken back to his original time. (TV: A Good Man Goes to War)

When Sky was rapidly grown, Clyde Langer noted her lack of birthdays, remarking it was "rubbish". (TV: Sky)

The Eighth Doctor tried to take Charley Pollard to a party to celebrate her birthday. (AUDIO: Neverland)

Hex attended a birthday party for himself at a pub, but left early. (AUDIO: The Harvest)

In an alternate timeline, the Sixth Doctor and Evelyn Smythe attended Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's 100th birthday party in 1856. (AUDIO: My Own Private Wolfgang)

The Doctor had long forgotten his birthday by the time he had reached his twelfth incarnation, but the Master remembered it from their childhood friendship. As Missy, the Master created an army of Cybermen from deceased humans and gave control of the army to the Doctor as a gift with which he could potentially rule the universe. (TV: Death in Heaven)

Princess Clio was poisoned by her Uncle Ferdand on her fifth birthday. After the First Doctor put her into stasis, she was only awoken on subsequent birthdays, each of which was attended by an incarnation of the Doctor. (PROSE: The Glass Princess)

Toshiko Sato's birthday was in July. (TV: Greeks Bearing Gifts)

Toshiko Sato celebrated her grandfather's 88th birthday by going from Cardiff "to London to watch grown men throw rice". (TV: Captain Jack Harkness)

Due to his artificial creation by the Bane, Luke Smith had no birthday. (TV: Secrets of the Stars)

The Tenth Doctor first met Barnaby Edwards at his birthday party at the Shady Grove Rest Home. (COMIC: Old Friend)

Clara Oswald's birthday was on 23 November 1986. (TV: Death in Heaven) Her 19th century splinter was also born on this day in 1866. (TV: The Snowmen) The Twelfth Doctor threw a birthday party for the original Clara in his TARDIS. (COMIC: The Partying of the Ways)

Clara's mother, Ellie Oswald, was born on 11 September 1960. (TV: The Rings of Akhaten)

Maxwell Edison's sixtieth birthday party. (COMIC: The Stockbridge Showdown)

Maxwell Edison was born in the autumn of 1956, and celebrated his sixtieth birthday with the Twelfth Doctor and many others in 2016. (COMIC: The Stockbridge Showdown)

The Thirteenth Doctor, Ryan Sinclair, and Graham O'Brien threw a surprise birthday party for Yasmin Khan. (PROSE: Dr. Thirteenth)

Umbreen's birthday. (TV: Demons of the Punjab)

Umbreen celebrated her birthday in 2018 with her daughter, son-in-law, and her granddaughters Yaz and Sonya. She seemed unimpressed that the cake was shop-bought, though Najia insisted it was still nice. She gave a collection of letters from her second husband to Najia, a present from her second husband to Sonya, and the watch she received from her first wedding to Yaz. (TV: Demons of the Punjab)

The Fugitive Doctor, under the Chameleon Arch identity of "Ruth Clayton", was celebrating her alleged birthday on the day the Judoon came looking for her. (TV: Fugitive of the Judoon)

Other references[]

The video game Happy Deathday's title was a spin on the phrase "happy birthday." (COMIC: Happy Deathday)