Birth of a Legend was a story featured in Doctor Who Files 11: The Cult of Skaro. It was written by Justin Richards.

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Above the jungle on Magella, the final stronghold of Mechonoid resistance to the Daleks, the city on stilts is being ripped apart in a final battle between the two forces. As the main group of Mechonoids regroups in the city's main reactor area, the Dalek Commander of the Seventh Incursion Squad has landed on the planet, believing his front line position will give him an advantage over being on the saucer, having to analyse and respond to the Dalek Battle Computers. When the threat of the Mechonoids detonating plasmic explosives so close to the reactor is dismissed as a bluff, it is the Dalek Commander who issues the order to check and makes arrangements for a detonation. The Dalek Commander's instinct is correct and a withdrawal of Dalek forces from the city and the Dalek saucer is ordered, to focus a direct attack (using chronic aura beams to pinpoint their target). With the Mechonoids destroyed by their own means and the Daleks victorious, the Dalek Commander receives a summons to report directly to the Dalek Emperor on Skaro.

In the Throne Room in the Dalek City on Skaro, four Daleks have been summoned to an audience with the Emperor. The Emperor addresses the four Daleks; Commandant of Station Alpha (a secret research base), Attack Squad Leader in the Thirtieth Assault Group, Force Leader of the Outer Rim Defensive Battalion and Dalek Commander of the Seventh Incursion Squad. The Emperor explains that all four Daleks have unusually shown initiative — not the Dalek way, which is to serve and execute orders without question. The Emperor explains that a great war with an Ancient Enemy has been foretold, a war that will be waged throughout all time and all space. In order to ensure Dalek survival, the Emperor explains that the four Daleks will each be enhanced and reconditioned to think like the enemy, a task force of four that think like no other Dalek. They will be the Daleks' greatest weapon. They will each be given a name: (Dalek Thay, Dalek Caan, Dalek Jast and Dalek Sec, the leader). Collectively they will be known as the Cult of Skaro, a guarded secret, a legend, a myth, a rumour intended to strike fear into their enemies. Together the Cult of Skaro are taken away to have their new casings fitted, new cases of Metalert, an enhanced Dalekanium infused with rare materials, reinforced with flidor gold and sap from the extinct Arkellis flower. Once fitted out, and with their mission, they head to a special area of the city, away from all other Daleks — the secret Strategy Chambers of the Cult of Skaro.

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  • The Daleks record battle experiences and outcomes on the Dalek Military Computer, which is used for future reference and campaigns. The Dalek Commander can plug himself into the Computer and absorb data as it comes in.
  • The Daleks employ thronic missiles to destroy the Mechanoids' main reactors.

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