Birdie, also known by his CCPC designation of UNIT 18FEB6, was a CCPC who had been experimented on by Thorne, who replaced Birdie's cybercircuits with human DNA. Birdie's control cortex had been disconnected, removing his connection to the Department's central control. This caused Birdie to gain his own independent personality, and the human capability to learn, adapt, improvise, and have instincts and emotions.

Biography Edit

After escaping from the Department's laboratory, Birdie encountered Starkey, Jorjie Turner, and Marcus. The group were being chased by regular CCPCs, and Birdie helped the teens to escape. Recognising that the cyborg meant no harm, Jorjie befriended him, giving him the name "Birdie" for his apparent fascination with birds.

Birdie was brought to the home of Alistair Gryffen, who suggested that the best thing they could do for him was to remove the human genetics and replace it with standard CCPC hardware. Before they could do so, however, they were accosted by Thorne, who had been informed of Birdie's whereabouts by the traitorous Marcus. Starkey and Jorjie pretended that Marcus had been lying, giving Darius Pike enough time to get Birdie out of the city. Birdie was brought to a forest, where, after bidding his friends a fond farewell, he began marvelling at the beauty of nature. (TV: Mutant Copper)

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