Body print

Body-print technology allows a Zygon to shapeshift. (TV: Terror of the Zygons)

Biotechnology was a form of technology based on living material rather than inorganic.

The Axons described their technology as having taken a more organic route, and claimed Axonite to be the source of all their growth technology. (TV: The Claws of Axos)

A body-print was a form of Zygon biotechnology that allowed an individual to assume the likeness of others. This assisted the natural shapeshifting abilities of the Zygons. (TV: Terror of the Zygons, PROSE: Sting of the Zygons)

Rutan biotechnology was sufficiently advanced to "uplift" a species to sentience. By the 26th century, they had done this at least once, on the planet Sentarion, where they were worshipped by the insectoid Sentarii as "the Shining Ones". (PROSE: Shakedown) They also created the Octopod as a biological weapon. (COMIC: Cyclops)

The Kustollons had organic spaceships and could grow artificial life forms out of raw Kustollon genestuff as organic technology. Their technology was disabled by viruses based on human research. (COMIC: The Love Invasion)

Silurian battlecruisers were organic in structure. (TV: Warriors of the Deep)