Bill Potts' birth mother died soon after childbirth.

Biography Edit

At one point she met the Twelfth Doctor, who took many pictures of her during their brief time together. These were eventually passed on to Bill.

She died when Bill was just a baby. (TV: The Pilot)

Legacy Edit

Bill often thought of her mother, despite having never truly known her. She was often told that she looked like her, and she would imagine her mother telling her wise phrases despite her lack of presence.

Bill had no pictures of her mother, and upon telling this to the Twelfth Doctor after he had failed to deliver her a Christmas present, he travelled back in time to correct this. (TV: The Pilot)

When Bill and her friends moved into a new house, Bill brought a photo of her mother and hung it up on the wall. (TV: Knock Knock)

Bill formed an imaginary version of her mother in her head that she would hold conversations with. She explained this to Nardole after he caught her having one of these conversations. When Bill attempted to stop the Monks invasion of Earth, she flooded their psychic link to the human race with memories of the imagined version of her mother. As these memories were pure and untainted by the Monks, they were unable to poison them. By using these memories, Bill ultimately broke the Monks control over Earth, forcing them to retreat from the planet. (TV: The Lie of the Land)

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