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A series of Torchwood audio dramas was published by Big Finish Productions beginning in 2015. It was the first series to use Big Finish's expanded license to feature elements from the 2005 era of Doctor Who.

Initially, the stories were arranged into numbered series, but the numbering was dropped after series 2 to avoid confusion with Aliens Among Us, the audio fifth season, which took place after the events of the TV show.

Series 1[]

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On 3 May 2015, a run of six stories was announced, to be released monthly from September 2015 till February 2016.[1] The main arc of the first series was fighting the Committee, although some of the stories, like More Than This, were not related to it.

# Title Author Featuring Released
1 The Conspiracy David Llewellyn Jack September 2015
2 Fall to Earth James Goss Ianto October 2015
3 Forgotten Lives Emma Reeves Gwen, Rhys, Jack November 2015
4 One Rule Joseph Lidster Yvonne Hartman December 2015
5 Uncanny Valley David Llewellyn Jack January 2016
6 More Than This Guy Adams Gwen, Andy February 2016

Series 2[]

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Shortly after the first story, The Conspiracy was released in September 2015, Big Finish announced what was termed "Series 2", further six stories to be released monthly starting in March 2016, immediately after the first six.[2] The Committee arc continued into the second series.

# Title Author Featuring Released
7 The Victorian Age AK Benedict Jack, Queen Victoria March 2016
8 Zone 10 David Llewellyn Tosh April 2016
9 Ghost Mission James Goss Andy, Norton Folgate May 2016
10 Moving Target Guy Adams Suzie June 2016
11 Broken Joseph Lidster Jack, Ianto July 2016
12 Made You Look Guy Adams Gwen, Rhys August 2016

Stories 13–18[]

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Soon after the second series was completed in August 2016, Big Finish announced on 7 September that the range would continue with six more stories.[3] However, this time they were not to follow Series 2 immediately, due to several special releases in between, including the 10th anniversary special The Torchwood Archive, which largely closed the Committee arc.

Around this time, Big Finish stopped marketing the range using six-story series. In particular, the term "Series 3" was not actually used. Although six-story subscriptions and bundles remain available, they are described as "stories 13-18" rather than "Series 3".

# Title Author Featuring Released
13 Visiting Hours David Llewellyn Rhys, Brenda Williams March 2017
14 The Dollhouse Juno Dawson April 2017
15 Corpse Day James Goss Owen, Andy May 2017
16 torchwood_cascade_CDRIP.tor Scott Handcock Tosh June 2017
17 The Office of Never Was James Goss Ianto July 2017
18 The Dying Room Lizzie Hopley August 2017

Stories 19–24[]

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# Title Author Featuring Released
19 The Death of Captain Jack David Llewellyn Jack, John Hart, Gwen, Ianto, Rhys, Andy, Norton Folgate, Queen Victoria 28 March 2018
20 The Last Beacon Gareth David-Lloyd Owen, Ianto 24 April 2018
21 We Always Get Out Alive Guy Adams Gwen, Rhys 22 May 2018
22 Goodbye Piccadilly James Goss Andy, Norton Folgate 27 June 2018
23 Instant Karma David Llewellyn, James Goss, Jonathan Morris Tosh 17 July 2018
24 Deadbeat Escape James Goss Bilis Manger 9 August 2018

Stories 25-36[]

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# Title Author Featuring Released
25 Night of the Fendahl Tim Foley Gwen, Fendahl 26 March 2019
26 The Green Life David Llewellyn Jack, Jo Jones, BOSS 24 April 2019
27 Sync Lisa McMullin Suzie, Blon Slitheen 22 May 2019
28 Sargasso Christopher Cooper Rhys, Nestene Consciousness 18 June 2019
29 Serenity James Moran Jack, Ianto, Cell 114 9 July 2019
30 The Hope James Goss Owen, Andy 21 August 2019
31 The Vigil Lou Morgan Tosh 24 September 2019
32 Smashed James Goss Gwen 23 October 2019
33 Dead Man's Switch David Llewellyn Bilis 7 November 2019
34 Expectant Xanna Eve Chown Jack, Ianto 18 December 2019
35 Fortitude James Goss Queen Victoria 15 January 2020
36 Dissected Tim Foley Martha, Gwen 18 February 2020

Stories 37-48[]

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# Title Author Featuring Released
37 Tropical Beach Sounds and Other Relaxing Seascapes #4 Tim Foley 8 April 2020
38 Iceberg Grace Knight Owen 20 May 2020
39 Dinner and a Show Gareth David-Lloyd Ianto, Tosh 12 June 2020
40 Save Our Souls Scott Handcock Queen Victoria 16 July 2020
41 Red Base James Goss Andy 19 August 2020
42 Ex Machina Alfie Shaw Ianto 22 September 2020
43 The Three Monkeys James Goss Owen, Andy 20 October 2020
44 Rhys & Ianto's Excellent Barbecue Tim Foley Rhys, Ianto 18 November 2020
45 The Crown Jonathan Barnes Queen Victoria 17 December 2020
46 Coffee James Goss Ianto 13 January 2021
47 Drive David Llewellyn Tosh 16 February 2021
48 Lease of Life Aaron Lamont Owen 23 March 2021

Stories 49-60[]

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# Title Author Featuring Released
49 Gooseberry James Goss Owen, Andy 21 April 2021
50X The Black Knight Lizbeth Myles Norton Folgate 23 March 2022
51 The Five People You Kill in Middlesbrough Tracy-Ann Oberman, Tim Foley Yvonne Hartman 24 June 2021
52 Madam, I'm James Goss Norton, Liz, Adam 27 July 2021
53 Empire of Shadows Zach 24 August 2021
54 Curios Bilis 14 September 2021
55 The Great Sontaran War Ianto 22 October 2021
56 The Red List Mr Colchester, Ms McShane 18 November 2021
57 The Grey Mare Stewart Pringle, Lauren Mooney Ianto 14 December 2021
58 Cadoc Point David Llewellyn Andy 26 January 2022
59 Sonny Lizzie Hopley Rhys, Brenda 22 February 2022
60 Infidel Places Una McCormack Queen Victoria 21 April 2022

Stories 61-[]

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# Title Author Featuring Released
61 War Chest Rossa McPhillips Tosh May 2022
62 ’’Dead Plates’’ David Llewellyn Bilis Manger June 2022

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