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Big Finish Magazine was a promotional audio magazine by and about Big Finish Productions, published for 14 issues from 2001-2009. Each issue was published as an audio CD in a cardboard slipcase, given away free with subscriptions to the main range of Doctor Who audio stories as well as other CD purchases from Big Finish. The magazine's content consisted of interviews, behind-the-scenes information, and previews of upcoming audio productions.

The magazine was published sporadically, releasing from one to three issues per year. Its content has been superseded by Big Finish's monthly print/web magazine Vortex as well as the Big Finish Podcast.


Issue Release date Released with
1 May 2001 Loups-Garoux
2 February 2003 Nekromanteia
3 August 2003 Omega
4 December 2003 Scherzo
5 July 2004 The Roof of the World
6 August 2005 Terror Firma
7 April 2006 The Kingmaker
8 September 2006 The Reaping
9 April 2007 I.D. / Urgent Calls
10 September 2007 100
11 April 2008 The Haunting of Thomas Brewster
12 September 2008 Time Reef
13 May 2009 Enemy of the Daleks
14 September 2009 Blue Forgotten Planet

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