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Bianca's Cabaret was an exclusive nightclub situated on a planet in deep space, at a nexus of dimensional wormholes. It was used as a staging ground for the takeover of the universe by psychic worms of different factions.


Bianca's appeared to be a simple cabaret nightclub from 1930s Berlin. The insides were fairly close, with many individual and private booths and a main stage where vocalists could perform. While capable of supporting a full band, performances were generally limited to a single piano player. Bianca, the Chanteuse of the establishment, would sing various songs in short performances over the course of the night, with her final performance at midnight.

Mickey, Bianca's head waitress, described the club and its clients:

"Bianca's was a kind of bolt-hole for the persecuted. A speakeasy for radicals and revolutionaries and intellectuals and the simply desperate. They came from everywhere to listen and to talk..."

In reality, the nightclub was the remains of a TARDIS, stranded on a planet in deep space at the centre of a dimensional nexus. Henry, the manager, would arrange "special taxis" that would pick up and drop off patrons through wormholes from various points in time and space, including the planets Astridia, Darganon and Earth. Henry spent much of his off-time making sure the club was dimensionally stable against the chaos of the nexus.

The description of the the outside suggested the club was small enough to walk around, and that there was a breathable atmosphere on the planetoid. Outside offered an excellent view of the stars, when it wasn't covered up by the maelstrom of the dimensional void (seen as a heavy mist). (AUDIO: The Wormery)


Bianca, a wayward Time Lady, had landed on this small planetoid as her TARDIS was breaking down, and heard the call of the psychic worm living there. At their behest, Bianca worked with Henry to stabilise the local area, build a nightclub inside the stranded TARDIS, and assemble a trans-dimensional "taxi service" that would deliver patrons to the club through the wormholes. Bianca would provide the main entertainment, with her singing enhanced by the worms' natural psychic abilities.

The Sixth Doctor showed up at Bianca's one night, weary from his travels and looking for entertainment and diversion. He found Iris Wildthyme there, babbling about voices she could hear only when she was thoroughly drunk. Investigations quickly found that the worms were using the nightclub for various purposes: a "pro faction" was using Bianca to project a universal moment of harmony, an "anti faction" was using Iris to project a universal moment of chaos, and a "shadow faction" was using Henry and the other factions in a plot to take psychic possession of the club's patrons and the rest of the universe's inhabitants.

Iris Wildthyme inside Bianca's Cabaret. (AUDIO: The Wormery)

The shadow faction managed to gain the upper hand, and were able to take over most of the club's patrons. In an effort to stop the shadows' spread across the universe, the Doctor used his own TARDIS as a time ram against the club, virtually destroying it. (AUDIO: The Wormery)


The "house special" was very similar to tequila. It was made on the planet Sagis Minor, and was used by the worms as a means to bring humans into simpatico with them. (AUDIO: The Wormery)

Among the patrons who frequented the club was an observer from the Celestial Intervention Agency. (AUDIO: A Blind Eye)