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Beverly Crusher

Dr Beverly Crusher was the chief medical officer on the USS Enterprise-D.


She was on the holodeck with Data and William Riker when the Doctor's TARDIS landed in a "Dixon Hill" holonovel in 1940s San Francisco in 2368.

When Cybermen corpses were brought back from Cogen V, Beverly was horrified to discover that the Cybermen still had human brains. When the crew joined forces with Borg to defeat the Cybermen, William Riker asked if Beverly could reverse the assimilation of Marcus Bertrand. Though the doctor promised to try, she noted that it was as much up to Bertrand as it was to her, Beverly later comforting Riker when Bertrand had been unable to resist the Borg Collective's will. (COMIC: Assimilation²)

Behind the scenes[]

A live-action image of Beverly Crusher as seen on the wraparound cover of Assimilation² #2.

  • Assimilation² depicts Crusher with the likeness of actor Gates McFadden, who originally portrayed her in Star Trek: The Next Generation.
  • Crusher was often accompanied on the Enterprise by her son, Lieutenant Junior Grade Wesley Crusher (portrayed by Wil Wheaton in the series). However, Wes does not appear in Assimilation².

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