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Beverly "Bev" Tarrant was an art thief who came to work at the Braxiatel Collection.


Early life[]

Beverly Tarrant was born in or around the 57th century. (AUDIO: The Judas Gift) Her mother, a society woman, had her learn how to play the violin as she wanted to have a talented daughter that she could show off. (PROSE: Hiding Places) She went on to become an art thief. (AUDIO: The Genocide Machine, etc.)

Life of crime[]

Hoping to sell it to a buyer on Coralee, Bev and her lover Rappell led an illegal salvage team in stealing the ziggurat on Kar-Charrat, unwittingly releasing a Dalek which wiped out all of the team bar her. She was injured and saved by the Seventh Doctor and Ace, whom she joined in investigating the Kar-Charratans. She was horrified when they took over Rappell's body and, once the Daleks were defeated, she departed in her spacecraft. (AUDIO: The Genocide Machine)

Bev stole a priceless idol and was chased by border police, in the course of which she burnt out her hyper-drive and ended up stranded on Duchamp 331. There she met the Doctor and Ace again and gave them her assistance, in the course of which she saved the life of Elsa Salvadori, only for her to sacrifice herself to the Krill. She joined the time travellers in the TARDIS, setting off an alarm in a 20th century art gallery that they visited before dropping Bev off. (AUDIO: Dust Breeding)

The Doctor eventually "dumped" Bev in 2995, (AUDIO: The Judas Gift) although Jason Kane would later believe that Irving Braxiatel had something to do with her being out of her time. (AUDIO: The End of the World) She resumed her life as a thief, initially associating with the con artist Anton before rising up to dealing with Beyum, who teamed her up with Ethan. Bev and Ethan became lovers, although she was aware of Beyum's suspicions of him and left him to die in a bunker on Ataxia in 2597 upon realising that he was leaking information. (AUDIO: The Judas Gift)

During a museum robbery, she mistook her lover for a security guard and bashed his skull in with a heavy brass ball. (PROSE: Hiding Places) She once stole the Varde Sphere from a laboratory on Cirkel for Damask and almost bled to death in the getaway ship after being stabbed. (PROSE: The Inconstant Gallery)

Circa 2601, Bev made an attempt to raid a tomb on Bellotron and met Bernice Summerfield and Commander Ryan, helping them escape the Brill and being impersonated by a Rutan. Afterwards, Bev and Benny sat down to discuss their respective experiences with the Doctor. (AUDIO: Professor Bernice Summerfield and the Bellotron Incident)

The Collection[]

Axis occupation[]

Bev travelled to the Braxiatel Collection (PROSE: The Fall) and was known to be the best pilot there. (PROSE: Passing Storms) During the Fifth Axis occupation, she became the unofficial leader of the resistance and agreed that Benny should be killed due to the possibility that she could be a traitor to them. They were, however, stopped by Vosta Dankasta. (PROSE: The Fall) Bev and Vosta later joined Benny in her rooms for a drink and informed her that the Axis was building a communications centre. (PROSE: Lockdown Conversations: 1)

With the Collection reshaping itself, Bev got lost and was almost possessed by Irving Braxiatel's Watcher. She was, however, saved by Benny. (PROSE: Fear of Corners) She attempted to detonate a bomb to destroy the Axis's statue of Volf Gator but was knocked out by an extension of the statue created through its bond with Braxiatel's TARDIS. (PROSE: Paths Not Taken)

Bev was permitted by Martlak to transport artwork deemed by Braxiatel to be unsuitable to the Finliri. In truth, she would fly an Ormond-Seltec flyer to them, sell it and return with an escape pack before repeating the process, severely affecting the Axis' security patrols and providing the Resistance with funds. This was eventually discovered and she was arrested (PROSE: Passing Storms) and tortured by Bernard Moskof's men. (PROSE: Lockdown Conversations: 4)

Joseph rescued Bev from her imprisonment and she began to plan a large-scale assault, beginning with a bombing which killed one of Moskof's friends. She accepted Clarissa Jones' help, agreeing to her condition that she and Moskof be allowed to leave following the Resistance's victory. Joining forces with mercenaries brought by Jason Kane, Bev led the Resistance in a successful final attack and afterwards spoke with Jason and Benny. (AUDIO: Death and the Daleks)


Bev with her colleagues. (PROSE: A Life Worth Living)

Following the occupation, Bev became Braxiatel's personal assistant. (AUDIO: The Tartarus Gate) She attended the 2603 Christmas party with Benny, Jason, Ms Jones, Hass and Yakkle (PROSE: ...Be Forgot) and felt out of place in the spring when students returned to the Collection. (PROSE: Misplaced Spring) She and Brax checked up on Benny as she rewrote her speech for the First Annual Braxiatel Collection Archaeology Conference and she later told Brax how the speech went when he failed to attend, saying that it was brilliant. (PROSE: Final Draft)

Bev and Adrian went on a mission to Viveka to return certain controversial artefacts which were taken by the Fifth Axis, although Benny was of the belief that Bev lacked the sensitivity to be trusted with such a diplomatic mission. When the Erinanceans tried to destroy them, Bev suggested that they be returned to the Collection for their safety, something that the humans agreed with. During the mission, Bev tried to convince Adrian that Benny had no romantic interest in him. (PROSE: Reparation)

After Adrian changed his mind about joining Bev on a mission to Earth, instead deciding to help Benny, Bev drugged him and took him with her to help her find the Purpura Pawn. In the course of the mission, she was shot and was saved by Adrian. (PROSE: The Purpura Pawn) She went with him in search of Ms Jones after she kidnapped Peter Summerfield, going to a seaside town where she realised that she had feelings for him and had nightmares about killing a man. (PROSE: Hiding Places) They found Ms Jones on Thuban and Bev shot her when she turned her gun on Adrian, which Braxiatel assured her was the right thing to do. (PROSE: Parallel Lives (IV))

The history machine[]

Bev and Adrian started to become a serious couple, although Bev remained jealous of Benny and laughed when she told her that nobody seemed to care that Wolsey had died. She was present at the press conference at which Doggles activated the history machine (PROSE: Inappropriate Laughter) and caused history to divide and overlap. (PROSE: Dead Mice) In the first world, she blamed Benny for what happened and later worked with her to help the children at the day-care escape the clades, ultimately being killed by them. (PROSE: Siege Mentality)

In another world, Bev was killed and Braxiatel hypnotised Adrian into accepting responsibility. (PROSE: Dead Mice) Others had her planning to leave the Collection after Adrian ended their relationship in order to focus on Benny and Peter, (PROSE: Acts of Senseless Devotion) almost being killed by the Crystal of Lexam and subsequently agreeing that it and the other Martian artefacts should be returned to Sset, (PROSE: Night of the Living Martian) warning Paul Stevens of the danger of a missing statue, (PROSE: Showing Initiative) carrying out a secret mission for Braxiatel and killing Hass (PROSE: A Murderous Desire) and miscarrying Adrian's child. (PROSE: One of My Turns)

Once the history machine saga was dealt with, Bev felt that she could vaguely recall things that had not happened, as did Benny. Feeling that they had both done terrible things to one another, they finally settled their differences. (PROSE: After Life)

Taking charge[]

Bev and Adrian became an official couple, (AUDIO: Professor Bernice Summerfield and the Lost Museum) although they fell out after Bev believed that one of his friends made a move on her. When Braxiatel departed, she was the one who managed to get control of the Collection's weather systems and bring sunshine. (AUDIO: Professor Bernice Summerfield and the Crystal of Cantus) She later put Jason in charge of the system and, with Adrian, instigated a search for Benny when she disappeared. (AUDIO: The Tartarus Gate)

Bev during the Quire's stay. (PROSE: Collected Works)

Wanting to keep up the pretence that the Collection was operating perfectly fine without Braxiatel, Bev sent Braxiatel's invitation to the Quire. She dealt with a ghost of her former boss, who kept following Jason, by shooting it in the chest (PROSE: Work in Progress) and was reunited with former criminal acquaintance Anton, who tried to sell her his copy of The Tears of Laughter, before learning of his connections to the Fifth Axis and turning him in to the authorities. (PROSE: The Tears of Laughter) She learnt that Julius and another Killoran had been sent to the Collection by an extremist group that disapproved of her relationship with Adrian and of Peter's heritage, after which she kept an eye on Adrian and was saved by him when Julius attacked her. (PROSE: Outside the Wall)

After the attempt on Adrian's life, their relationship was strained and she began spending time alone in the Aina Gallery before the Varde Sphere arrived. Lakene, whose lover was lost as a result of the experiment that was being performed when Bev stole the sphere, stabbed her in an attempt to bring her back. Adrian saved her and took her to the hospital where she realised how much she loved him and decided that the gallery would be bricked up. (PROSE: The Inconstant Gallery)

Bev was perplexed by the Quire when she viewed footage of their guest quarters and saw them acting like hyperactive children. (PROSE: Perspectives: Quire as Folk) She set up a pavilion exhibit at Mahalia Nkansah Hernandez's suggestion (PROSE: Cabinets of Curiosities) and asked Benny to find out about the Quire's behaviour by speaking with Verso, in return for which Bev would arrange a visit to Columbanus. (PROSE: Anightintheinthage)

Bev eventually agreed to buy a manuscript on human anatomy and the human soul from Mordecan after struggling with her conscience, aware that it had been written by Mr Grey and containing information obtained through vivisection and human experimentation. (PROSE: Grey's Anatomy) When the Quire told her that she had been fooled, she threatened to revoke her invitation to them unless they stop acting so superior towards the people of the Collection. (PROSE: Perspectives: Forging a Bond) She tasked a bored Jason with writing a document on the media's perception of the Collection, later finding that he had unwittingly affected the dimensions of Braxiatel's TARDIS by attempting to use Braxiatel's pen, which was actually his Time Vector Generator. (PROSE: The Two-Level Effect)

Bev increased security at the Collection, having Chester Industries install a new security system, having inventory drones catalogue the artefacts and introducing biometric ID tags for everybody. However, the security system reacted badly with that installed by Braxiatel, resulting in everybody going berserk before Benny put a stop to it, after which Bev chose not to reactivate the new system. (PROSE: False Security) When the Collector's Guild stole most of the Collection's artefacts, she visited them and poisoned them to get them back with the help of Dorso, (PROSE: The Cost for a Collection) whom she asked Jason to have Benny apologise to after Benny took issue with her leaving a child alone on a construction site. (PROSE: Perspectives: The Injured Party)

Bev and Benny kissing. (AUDIO: Summer of Love)

Time jumps began to plague the Collection whilst Bev was attempting to negotiate with the Draconians and a pollen caused her to start walking around naked, feeling uncomfortably hot. She laughed when Benny told her that Adrian had had sex with Doggles and later kissed her in front of the Draconians when they mistook her for Bev's concubine. After having a provisional treaty signed, she sent Benny and Jason (AUDIO: Summer of Love) to find Braxiatel. (PROSE: Cheating the Reaper)

The Collection began affecting Bev as it prepared to have children by making her pay more attention to the rising tensions between the Draconians and the Mim than the nightmares it was causing. This influence made Bev arrest Benny after she tried to investigate the phenomenon, although she later realised that the TARDIS wanted a time sensitive pilot. (PROSE: Mother's Ruin) After the Quire left, she was forced to shoot Verso to save Benny and Peter. (PROSE: Future Relations)


When a war began between the Draconians and the Mim, Bev made a news broadcast demanding an end to the respective sides' blockades. She ensured that Braxiatel understood his new position at the Collection when he returned, telling him that he would serve only as an advisor. (AUDIO: The Tub Full of Cats) She was gifted the Judas Gift by Kothar, which put her into a coma and made her relive her memories of her time with Ethan. Upon awakening, she learnt that Ethan had been Kothar's blood brother and faked her death to escape him, fleeing in a shuttle and leaving a message warning her colleagues that the Draconians were being used by somebody. (AUDIO: The Judas Gift)

Off the Collection[]

Bev helped Benny and Peter flee the Collection through Hass's pocket dimension after Jason's death, having Adrian lead the Summerfields to her. Before they parted ways, Bev told Benny about the message that she had sent and that they presumed was intercepted by Braxiatel. (AUDIO: The Wake)

Bev rescued Adrian from the Collection and went into business with him, planning on looting Braxiatel's personal vault at Vingus Bank. She sent an invitation to Benny to join them and pretended to be a porn star called Connie Lingus in order to gain entry. (AUDIO: Glory Days)

Bev and Adrian. (AUDIO: Resurrecting the Past)

When Braxiatel's mechanoids began kidnapping people around the galaxy, Bev joined Adrian, Benny, Peter and Robyn in their search for the truth, identifying the culprit as Doggles. Bev was knocked unconscious by Robyn when the android discovered what Braxiatel's plans were (AUDIO: Resurrecting the Past) and later helped protect the Collection's refugees from the Deindum. She was one of those who went to the Deindum ship to rescue Braxiatel from their clutches so that they could use his knowledge to defeat them. (AUDIO: Escaping the Future)

In the wake of the Deindum War, Bev and Adrian got married, spending their honeymoon on Valentine's World. They set up and became the leaders of a refugee camp on the planet. She later became pregnant with several Killoran pups. (PROSE: Adorable Illusion)


Bernice looks at a hologram of Bev while on Javarda. (WC: Dead and Buried)

Bev was stubborn and crafty (AUDIO: Summer of Love) but not especially suited to diplomacy. (PROSE: Reparation; AUDIO: Summer of Love) She hated politicians due to their rhetoric. (AUDIO: The Judas Gift)


Adrian believed that Bev was beautiful. (AUDIO: Summer of Love) She had scars from her torture by the Fifth Axis and grew her hair and fingernails in order to hide them. (PROSE: Misplaced Spring) After losing her arm, (AUDIO: The Judas Gift) she replaced it with a hook and, later, a prosthetic arm. (AUDIO: Glory Days)