Bethan Foster was a woman from Chorley.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Bethan argued with her son Anthony's teacher, Mr Patterson, about which university was the best for his course. She insisted that it was Cardiff University, which he ended up attending, living in student accommodation at the Bay. Her mobile phone had run out of charge the day that the tsunami hit Cardiff, meaning that Anthony was only able to leave a voicemail as he was swept away.

Travelling to Cardiff to find him, Bethan slept in her car at the Ritz Tower camp, befriending Colin Colchester-Price and Tyler Steele. She searched the different camps every day, joined others who had lost their loved ones in a silent march around the city every night and sat in on the inquiry, also doing news interviews to keep the story of her son alive. This included being interviewed by Faye.

Bethan met Orr at the Millennium Stadium camp and was amazed at their power to transform into Anthony, later taking Amy there to see Julia. She argued with Andy Davidson and, with hints from Jack Harkness and God, realised that the drinking water at the inquiry was behind the witnesses forgetting about Torchwood. She replaced the water, exposing Yvonne Hartman.

In her car, Bethan was joined by Yvonne, who congratulated her on her accomplishment and offered her retcon to forget her son and the pain that resulted from his death. (AUDIO: A Mother's Son)

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