Beth Pernell was Visteen Krane's agent. A ruthless and ambitious woman, she had hoped that Krane, as a presidential candidate, would name her as his Vice Presidential running mate. In fact, Krane, finding Pernell's policies abhorrent, planned to record a speech denouncing her. When she discovered this, she had Hans Stengard shoot him in the head. They had his death reported as a suicide and planned a tribute broadcast to air a week later, during which she would announce that she would be running for the Presidency.

To secure her bid, Pernell hired Amber Dent and Goff Fotherill to break into the Museum of Aural Antiquities to alter recordings of Krane's speeches to make them seem supportive of Pernell, and forge a recording of Krane giving a speech naming her as his running mate. When Pernell found out that Krane had survived as a creature of pure sound, she tortured it to find out what it had been up to.

Pernell's bid for power was thwarted by the Sixth Doctor, who had her broadcast blocked, then worked with Krane to have Pernell's crimes exposed on the air. Pernell fled, but Krane manifested itself as a recorded message in her car phone, causing an automobile accident that killed her. (AUDIO: Whispers of Terror)

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