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Beta Caprisis was a 26th century human colony. Bernice Summerfield was born there in 2540. (PROSE: Love and War) It was a member of an Earth-controlled alliance of planets that eventually became the Earth Empire.

Astronomical data Edit

Beta Caprisis, a Class M (Earth-like) planet, was the fourth planet in the Gamma Delphinius system. It orbited a binary, both of whose stars were Class G (Sol-like) stars; consequently, it was a warm planet, and snow did not fall. Benny remembered it as a "nice place" — full of parks and trees. (PROSE: Sanctuary)

Culture Edit

Beta Caprisis was evidently a prosperous society, its citizens healthy and usually tall — Bernice Summerfield, at approximately 5'9", was of average height. (AUDIO: Just War) Society was very open-minded; it did not attach any stigma or shame to nudity, (PROSE: Just War) and was apparently quite tolerant of cross-species mating — in contrast to some contemporary societies, such as the Fifth Axis. (PROSE: Life During Wartime)

Animal-derived foods might have been enjoyed by the wealthy as a decadent luxury, (PROSE: Ship of Fools) but, in the 26th century, most food was artificially created — vat-grown meat was common. (PROSE: The Evacuation of Bernice Summerfield Considered as a Short Film by Terry Gilliam)

History Edit

At some point before 2594, Beta Caprisis was so heavily bombed and irradiated that it was no longer livable. (PROSE: The Mary-Sue Extrusion)

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