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Bessie Come Home was the second story in the Beyond the Doctor series released by BBC Audio. It was written by Paul Magrs and was read by Stephanie Cole.

Publisher's summary[]

It's been many years since a certain yellow Edwardian roadster was a key member of personnel at UNIT. As the Doctor's personal transport, Bessie was on the spot for many of his Earthbound adventures. Those were the glory days, when Bessie stood side by side with the Doctor, the Brigadier, Captain Yates, and a parade of plucky young assistants.

Yet Bessie's remarkable life began decades earlier, at the dawn of a new century, and it has continued beyond the UNIT years. Indomitably she lives to tell the tale, and is only too keen to do so. Thankfully her new owner, kind Mr Foreman, has time enough to listen to her story.

But a serpent lurks in the shadows of the scrapyard. Someone else would like to acquire Bessie - seemingly at any price. After all, she holds a great deal of information about the Doctor...


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  • Bessie was made in 1910 and she is now 111 years old.
  • Bessie remarks that she did not like the Whomobile and was jealous of it.
  • Mr Foreman is the grandson of the man who owned the Foreman scrap business, when it was based in 76 Totter's Lane.
  • Mr Harmer works for someone called Ms Leamann.
  • After her adventure with the Seventh Doctor, Bessie faced her "wilderness years".


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