Beryl Green was a maid to George Wallace at Banquo Manor.

Beryl had a large family living in Three Sisters. When Richard Harries arrived at the manor to conduct his experiments, only Beryl and Cuthbert Simpson stayed. The rest of the staff were dismissed. George Wallace had an affair with Beryl.

She shared a drink with John Hopkinson and he told her she should stay over instead of enduring the journey home, which Beryl dreaded.

Beryl found the body of Richard Harries back in its former place after it had been stolen. Shocked, Simpson left her to sit down. She came across the notes of Richard Harries; they included evidence as to his blackmail of George and Gordon Seavers. Beryl was attacked and killed by Harries' corpse while reading it. Inspector Ian Stratford found a page of the notes in her grasp; he used this as evidence in his investigation in Harries' murder. (PROSE: The Banquo Legacy)

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