Bertie Potts was a member of the Rulers of the Universe. He was a fan of River Song and created a clone of himself and hacked his clone's senses so he could observe River as she solved a mystery engineered by him in Mesopotamia. (AUDIO: The Boundless Sea) River arrived at one of the Rulers of the Universe's parties. He greeted her and ignored her when she asked how he got away from the tomb. He assigned River to investigate the murder of Jenkins. He told River that Spritz should be killed for the murder. (AUDIO: I Went to A Marvellous Party)

When River failed to give the Rulers of the Universe what they wanted, he lured the Eighth Doctor to their endless party instead. He told the Doctor that he wanted to join the Last Great Time War and sent him to find a SporeShip. River caught up with him after she destroyed the ship. He tried to stop the section of the ships that he was on from crashing. (AUDIO: The Rulers of the Universe)

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