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Bert Walker was the landlord of The Cloven Hoof in Devil's End.

He served the Master and spied on the Third Doctor, Jo Grant, Captain Mike Yates, Sergeant Benton and Olive Hawthorne during their time in the Cloven Hoof and passed the information onto the Master.

On the orders of the Master, Bert tried to kill the Doctor when he was returning to Devil's End, but he missed the Doctor with the rifle he was using and the Doctor returned on foot.

Bert tried to kill the Doctor again when the Doctor was tied to a maypole. He claimed the Doctor to be a witch and said, "Thou shall not suffer a witch to live", and was about to burn the Doctor until Miss Hawthorne arrived and told them the Doctor was a wizard. Bert didn't believe her and prepared to shoot him until the Doctor used his remote control to drive Bessie to hit Bert. When Bert tried to run, he was caught by Benton.

He later attempted to warn the Master of the Doctor's plan, but was killed by Bok. (TV: The Dæmons, PROSE: Doctor Who and the Dæmons)

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