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Bernice Summerfield (The Two Jasons)

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President Bernice Summerfield was a clone of Bernice Summerfield who became President of Earth.

She was created to play Bernice in the TV show The Jason Kane Adventures.

In 2608, Fiona Dickens sent the clone to kill the real Bernice, but thanks to Kadiatu Lethbridge-Stewart and the real Bernice, the clone was able to overcome her programming and gain independence. Shortly afterwards, she was elected President of Earth. (AUDIO: The Final Amendment)

The real Bernice was occasionally mistaken for her clone, and on one occasion impersonated her in order to avert a military crisis between Venus and Eros. (AUDIO: Venus Mantrap) In June 2609, Imogen Tantry noted that the real Bernice Summerfield looked "rather a lot like the President". (PROSE: Predating the Predators)

About a year after she was elected, the President was killed by Frost during a visit to Buenos Aires. (AUDIO: Secret Origins) To send a message to the real Bernice, Frost put the body of the President inside a shuttle which arrived at Eros while she was there. (AUDIO: Venus Mantrap, Secret Origins)

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