Bereznik was an Earth nation that existed in the 2060s.

In early 2065, the British government were forced to deny all knowledge of Penelope Creighton-Ward's presence in Bereznik, stating she was in no way affiliated with them (COMIC: Duel of the Daleks) after she was arrested by the Bereznik Army on suspicion of murdering Toboisk, the head of the Bereznik Secret Police. (PROSE: Zodiac's Rescue Bid!) The Bereznik government subsequently declared Penelope a renegade and offered a reward of 100,000 crownins, £20,000, for her capture, dead or alive. (COMIC: Duel of the Daleks) Later, an English woman believed to be Lady Penelope led an attack on the Bereznik castle prison of Kirov that was thought by TV 21 to be either a general revolt or an attempt to force the release of Professor Laryak. (PROSE: Fireball Mystery Flight!)

Shortly after her return from Bereznik, Lady Penelope made a sudden departure for Unity City to investigate the assassination of the Astran Kaplan. (PROSE: Kaplan Assassinated!)

In 2066, Admiral Beatty was arrested for passing secret information to Bereznik. His trial was scheduled for 26 February at the Unity City Espionage Court. (COMIC: The Archives of Phryne)

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