Berengaria was a creation in Eugene Tacitus's world. In it she was the wife of Pepin VI, and was treated as a goddess.

Berengaria was the mother of Pepin VII and Childeric. She fell in love with a palace guard with whom she fathered Childeric. She was greatly upset by the guard's death sentence. After her husband's death, she was sentenced to death.

As Sejanus led her away, Childeric bribed him so he could talk to her. He announced he was going to be the next king. They both stated their wishes that the other would die before they departed.

Livilla visited her in jail. She asked her to announce that Childeric was her legitimate son as opposed to Pepin. Berengaria refused, so Livilla beat her near to death. Frobisher saved her through his touch.

Berengaria came to know her son moments before the apparition of Eugene's son killed him and then her. (AUDIO: The Holy Terror)

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