Berakka Dogbolter was the loyal daughter of Josiah W. Dogbolter, the owner of Intra-Venus, Inc. She was the only person that her father actually liked.

Biography Edit

On her father's 500th birthday, Berakka attempted to stop Majenta Pryce from buying every major share of Intra-Venus Inc. She was stopped by Destrii, who spared her life to give her a chance to redeem herself. (COMIC: The Stockbridge Showdown)

After her father was arrested, she considered taking revenge upon the Doctor, but instead took the opportunity to secure a loan from Josiah's account and form the Freedom Thoughtcasting Network (FTN). This network took advantage of the eternal battle between Tumat and Kraytos on the nearby planet Gatan and brought in lots of money from trillions of paying viewers. It was around this time that Berakka constructed Sandola Dell as a robotic journalist, although she forced Sandola to work off the costs of her manufacture before she earned any pay.

After the Thirteenth Doctor and her friends landed on Gatan, Berakka realized they were there and arranged for Sandola to capture the Doctor. In her suite, she explained to her the history behind the FTN and showed the Doctor a documentary to explain the stories of Tumat and Kraytos. As the Doctor felt sorry for them, Berakka explained that they were an entrepreneur's dream as an endless source of income and attempted to kill the Doctor to stop her from interfering. Despite gaining the advantage with her sword, she was interrupted by Graham O'Brien and Ryan Sinclair breaking in by using actors' outfits of Tumat and Kraytos. The Doctor, Graham, and Ryan were then able to escape back to Gatan. After the Doctor ended the war by fusing Tumat and Kraytos into one being, her group visited Berakka again and shut down the FTN's broadcast, with the Doctor promising to keep an eye on Berakka in the future. (COMIC: The Warmonger)

Berakka subsequently sought her revenge by using her media empire to present the Doctor as a villain, sabotaging a power plant and creating fake evidence to support the idea that the Doctor was the one responsible for it. While the Doctor could tolerate a tarnished reputation, when the false accusations resulted in a man dying because he wouldn't let the Doctor save him, she vowed to discredit Dogbolter. (COMIC: Mistress of Chaos)

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