Ben Travers (PROSE: Doctor Who and the Horror of Fang Rock) was the principal keeper working at Fang Rock lighthouse alongside Reuben and Vince Hawkins. Ben called Hawkins mad when he saw a fireball. While in the boiler room, he became the first victim of a Rutan scout which had crashed in the ocean. (TV: Horror of Fang Rock)

In May 1969, Anne Travers discovered that Ben was her great uncle, and her father was only three years old when Ben died, which was why she had never heard of him. His ghostly voice was one of many that haunted the lighthouse up until 1969, and an apparition of his post-mortem at the "hands" of the Rutan appeared before the eyes of Colonel Lethbridge-Stewart and Lance Corporal Bishop. Bishop and Owain Vine astral projected to 1902 and discovered that Ben was given a piece of Rutan technology by his father, which he buried in the coal room to be found by Bishop and Anne in 1969. (PROSE: Beast of Fang Rock)

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