Ben Henrick was a young boy who lived in Wolfenden. He had a white skin colour and white hair. He was partially human and partially alien.

Ben lived together with his father and mother in the manor in Wolfenden. When Sarah Jane and Luke Smith visited the village, he was ten years old. He knocked on the door of the hotel in which Sarah Jane and Luke were staying and gave them a basket of fruit from his father. He knew a lot about Sarah Jane, because he had looked her up on the internet. Luke didn't liked the way that Ben was looking at Sarah Jane. He stood in front of him, so that Ben couldn't see Sarah Jane properly. Then Ben went away. Sarah Jane wondered why Luke wanted to protect her. She hadn't seen a threat in Ben. However, she thought that Luke must have been frightened of Ben and that he recognised something that she didn't. Luke later told Sarah that Ben seemed to him like someone who did not fit into the world and that he didn't think that Ben was human. Sarah Jane sent Luke away to find out the mystery behind Ben.

Luke found out that Ben was partially human and partially alien. His mother was a prisoner of an alien race and was hiding on Earth. She stole the local people's memories and used the chemicals of the memories to activate a machine that prevented her race from finding her. However, she told Ben and her other family members that she needed the memories to make her race find her and take her home to the Tristian Cluster. After Luke told Ben and his family about this, Ben and the rest of his family left Earth to begin a new life on the Tristian Cluster. Ben's mother was taken to prison. (AUDIO: The White Wolf)

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