William Crow Dog was a 21st century Native American man who joined Faction Paradox as Cousin Belial and was reincarnated in the 18th century.

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William Crow Dog was born at the Pine Ridge Reservation hospital at roughly ten in the morning on 6 June 2001, the son of Melissa Burke and Richard Crow Dog.

Billy Crow Dog was a year away from finishing his bachelor's degree in theosophy at South Dakota State University when he was arrested for stabbing and killing a woman in a bar fight. It was completely out of character for him, especially considering that he never drank.

In the Dupree County Correctional Facility, Pierre La Pierre introduced him to the Black Medicine Path. From there, he graduated to Faction Paradox — materialising in the basement of an abandoned Moose Lodge in Negaunee, Michigan, in the middle of one of the Faction's Sabakash cell rituals.

Through a combination of Faction rituals and native American techniques, Cousin Belial was reincarnated in 1782 as the son of Pretty Shield and Bull Head. This allowed him to circumvent the Protocols of Linearity and keep an eye on the Faction's Remote project with the Native American warrior tribes.

Cousin Belial wrote extensive notes on the Catch-the-Bear's war bonnet and peyote dream runners, among other subjects. (PROSE: The Book of the War)

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