The Beige Guardian, apparently a Guardian of Time and peer of the Black and White Guardians, was actually a character from Happy Deathday, a video game Izzy Sinclair played on the Time-Space Visualiser.

In this game, the Beige Guardian collected every enemy of the Doctor's and then the first eight incarnations of the Doctor. The Guardian tied them up and placed them on a huge cake with hissing dynamite "candles" strapped to their heads. The Beige Guardian announced the Doctors would be forced to face every enemy they had ever defeated at once, a task the Doctors found tedious.

Final moments of the Beige Guardian (COMIC: Happy Deathday)

Leaving the First and Eighth Doctors tied to the cake, the Beige Guardian sent the rest to battle their collected enemies. While the Guardian was distracted and dismayed by the Doctors' victories in the battles, the First and Eighth Doctors worked together to break free of the cake. They used a giant fork to launch an exploding candle at the Guardian, which disintegrated him.

All the other Doctors reappeared by the cake. The First and Eighth Doctors explained their deduction that the Beige Guardian had been merely a collection of electronic impulses, easily dissipated by the explosion. The Doctors began questioning the nature of their own existence. What if they were all just electronic impulses arranged for someone's amusement? Watching the exchange on the Time-Space visualiser, joystick in hand, Izzy grinned at her video game. (COMIC: Happy Deathday)

Behind the scenes[]

  • The Beige Guardian was a pastiche of the Black Guardian, complete with bird-shaped wig.
  • The depiction of the Beige Guardian in Happy Deathday resembles the actor David Hyde Pierce in his role of Niles Crane from the situation comedy Frasier.
  • Though it gives no strong evidence of the Beige Guardian's existence outside of the diegesis of Izzy's video game, Happy Deathday does not deny the possibility that a Beige Guardian might exist in N-Space, especially considering that the other characters and monsters in Izzy's game were all "real people" from her perspective.