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Bedfordshire was an English county. (AUDIO: The Hourglass Killers)


Bedford and Kempston Hardwick were located there, (AUDIO: The Hourglass Killers) as was the RAF base Cardington. (AUDIO: Storm Warning)


In the 1890s, the Sixth Doctor, Leela, and George Litefoot visited the county while investigating Kempston and Hardwick. (AUDIO: The Hourglass Killers)

In 1951, a portal to the Divergent Universe was opened from Cardington. (AUDIO: Zagreus)

Barbara Wright knew the route to Bedfordshire from London. She began to explain to Jenny how she knew the route, explaining that "[she] used to live...", but cut herself off before finishing the sentence.

During the 22nd century Dalek invasion, the Daleks established a huge mining facility there as part of their plan to remove the Earth's core and replace it with a power system that would allow the Daleks to pilot the planet anywhere in the universe. Thanks to the First Doctor's intervention, the plan failed, and the mines were destroyed in a volcanic eruption. (TV: The Dalek Invasion of Earth)


The Fourth Doctor recalled people complaining when he freed them from the Dalek mines in Bedfordshire. (PROSE: The Pirate Planet)

While in Gabriel Chase, the Seventh Doctor used the phrase "up the wooden hill to Bedfordshire", meaning to go to bed. (TV: Ghost Light)