Dr Beatrice "Bea" Hearst was a doctor at the Hawthorne clinic. She was having an affair with the hospital's director Dr Colin Dove, but it was common knowledge that her friend and colleague Dr William Bruffin had feelings for her, with Dr Julie Gilchrist and Dr Jeremiah O'Kane encouraging him.

In August 1994, Beatrice was one of the first to arrive on the scene after Clegg's murder. Despite William's protestations, she went along with Dr Dove's cover-up of the death due to the hospital's critical situation after Peter Russell's takeover. She was tasked by Dove with showing Russell around the hospital and providing him with the records he required, with the exception of those relating to the secure ward where Patient Zero and Patient One were held. She stood in for Dove whilst he was away on a "research day".

Beatrice became concerned with William after he presented her with the secure ward files and babbled about the recent murders, as well as angry at Dove for his lack of appreciation for her. When he confronted her about Russell getting a hold of the files that William had left out for him, she demanded to know what he was covering up, but he simply assured her that it would be to their benefit. The two found William's body in Room 0 and Beatrice called the police, leading to Dove's arrest due to him standing over the body.

She told Louise Bayliss of P.R.O.B.E. about William's death and his suspicions, blaming herself for not listening to him and Dove for his role. She provided Louise with records of Patient Zero's transfer to the hospital. (HOMEVID: The Zero Imperative)

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