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Beachelguese, a planet home to the oldest beach in the universe. (COMIC: Surfshock)

You may be looking for the film.

A beach was a sandy area next to a body of water.

In 1066, the Doctor's TARDIS materialised on a Northumbrian beach near a cliff. The Monk observed this from the top of the cliff. Eldred also saw it on the beach, and left to get Wulnoth. (TV: The Time Meddler)

In 17th century Cornwall, the TARDIS materialised in a cave near a beach. The Doctor and his companions were cut off from the TARDIS when the tide came in. (TV: The Smugglers)

The First Doctor, Ian, Barbara and Susan spent time in 1742 on a New England beach recovering from the Salem witch trials of 1692. (PROSE: The Witch Hunters)

On 20 July 1969, the Second Doctor, Jamie McCrimmon and Zoe Heriot played on the beach on the Isle of Wight while most people were inside watching the Apollo 11 moon landing. (PROSE: One Small Step)

The Fourth Doctor once took Romana II and K9 Mark II to a beach in Brighton. K9 suffered considerable damage when he followed a beach ball into the water. (TV: The Leisure Hive)

In 1985, the Sixth Doctor and Peri Brown visited Blackpool Pleasure Beach, where they encountered the Celestial Toymaker and his servant, Stefan. (PROSE: The Nightmare Fair / AUDIO: The Nightmare Fair)

For their first date, Rhys Williams took Gwen Cooper to a beach, not realising that it was in fact a nudist beach. (AUDIO: Love Rat)

A sketch of the Ninth Doctor washed up on a beach on Sumatra after Krakatoa erupted — implying the Ninth Doctor was a witness to it. Eventually the sketch found its way into Clive Finch's collection of artefacts related to the Doctor. (TV: Rose)

Florana was a beach planet. Rory Williams once chided the Doctor for going to Florana during beach season. (COMIC: Summer Wholiday)

Temple Beach was a location River Song and the Eleventh Doctor agreed to go to for a date after River tied up loose ends with Martin Flint. (PROSE: A Gamble with Time)

Beachelguese was the oldest beach in the universe. When the Twelfth Doctor and Clara Oswald visited, their chosen spot had already been claimed by a Sea Devil, Silurian and Macra. Undeterred, the two travelled to the planet's beginning so that they could truly be the first ones there. (COMIC: Surfshock)